Talitha Getty was an actress and model of Dutch extraction, known as a style icon of the late 1960’s. She was born 18th October 1940 in Indonesia and passed away on July 14th 1971 in Rome, Italy. In the late 1960’s, Talitha Getty was one of rich and beautiful – part of European Jet Set. She was also one of the first adopters of a posh-hippie style, now referred to as ‘bohemian chic’.




Talitha moved to England with her mother, who died in 1948, and was brought up by her father and his second wife, Poppet John. The interior designer Nicky Haslam first encountered Talitha in the 1950s, living with her father and stepmother in the South of France. ‘She was the most beautiful child,’ he says, ‘and she grew into a gorgeous, long-limbed beauty in the 1960s. Everyone fell in love with her.’

First and foremost it was Yves Saint Laurent, who had the benefit of actually knowing Talitha. ‘Yves had never seen anyone like Talitha before,’ wrote his biographer, Alicia Drake, describing their initial encounters when Saint Laurent first went on holiday to Marrakech in 1967.



Since then everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Dries van Noten has done a take on Talitha, and her style is still reflected in this summer’s version of bohemian chic.

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