The Spa- Address Hotel!

The spa located in Address Boulevard is a haven of stress free life, tranquility, relaxation which is all the way away from worldly stress, strains and loads.  The Spa is the perfect place to have a peace of mind and body relaxing.  The Spa not only allows to rejuvenate mind and body but also provide a true calming experiencing.  The address boulevard is considered as a luxurious lifestyle city resorts having elegant designs and featuring such spas which are providing the customers a never ending calm experience.  The Spa is looked as a spot of ultimate relaxation with a complete setting on floor of about 700 sq. m.

The Spa provides number of reviving therapies made with natural products, signature procedures given by skilled and trained associates, services related to beauty, health and wellness for the people to experience the fresh and relaxing environment.

Outdoor pools, spas, various equipped treatment rooms, manicure, pedicure services and private couple rooms for treatment are all the features of The Spa.  Such features and ultimate treatment services make The Spa, the ideal place to visit in order to have a peaceful mind and body.

The Spa also has a separate large fitness centre for the people to exercise and also provides a private membership cards to regular customers so that those customers could enjoy their time and avail activities with discounts.  Every spa session is offered by professionals in unique manner, for instance, combining natural, finest ingredients and advanced skin care techniques for spa.  People at The Spa can also have detoxifying procedures and inspirational therapies which regenerates every part of the body.

Relaxation lounges, male and female thermal suites, streams, ponds, pools, saunas are all such facilities which guests or customers must avail in order to have relaxing experience.  So therefore, for an irresistible stress free environment and fresh body and mind massages, The Spa is just an ideal place to go for and relax ourselves.

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