Everyone likes to wear elegantly stitched clothes.  When it comes to perfectly stitched clothes, the BENCIVENGA ALTA SARTORIA is the name which comes first.  BENCIVENGA has a old heritage in fashion and is based in Italy since 1958.  BENCIVENGA deals in making sophisticated dresses for royal and rich Italian families and now they also opened their store in Dubai.  After being successful in Italy, now BENCIVENGA has established their brand in Dubai.  The exemplar stitching techniques and procedure made BENCIVENGA an utmost tailor among all.

The company also deals in making read-to-wear dresses for both men and women.  The elegancy and perfection in tailoring skills made BENCIVENGA a desired tailoring company.  Originality in designs, creativity, innovations in dress making, high quality fabric and Italian tailoring techniques are all such elements which differentiates BENCIVENGA from all the tailoring companies.  BENCIVENGA deals in making women dresses like evening gowns, wedding suits, haute couture, dresses to man dresses such as suits, double breasted pant coats, wedding suits and etc.

Due to their quintessential and classical tailoring expertise, many awards has been awarded to BENCIVENGA.  BENCIVENGA is also successfully doing business in Dubai and involved in making all Arabic traditional dresses along with suits.  Because of the symbol of perfection, grace, style, classic and high end quality tailoring skills, BENCIVENGA is recognized throughout the world.  Hence, in order to have fashionably stitched dresses and gowns, BENCIVENGA is the most ideal company to choose.

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