This is House of Nomad

Founded in 2014 by longtime friends Ahmed El-Sayed and Saleh Al-Banna, House of Nomad seeks to outfit the ever-moving style set. Staples of the label include cotton crewneck sweatshirts updated with with graphic Arabic calligraphy- a nod to the designers’ heritage and the love of the sport-luxe aesthetic.

House of Nomad is a high street, ready-to-wear clothing line that caters to men and women features varsity-inspired pieces in the form of neoprene skater skirts, tweed bomber jackets and cut off denim shorts, taking the classic collegiate style and putting a fresh spin on it.

The brand highlights cultural identities through the use of calligraphy, silhouettes and overall image. The cuts and silhouettes are simple yet bold along with a set color palette. And the use of Arabic calligraphy adds a sense of culture to the pieces.  The use of the word “nomad” basically sums up a huge percentage of the people around the world.

They are travelers, always on the lookout for adventure and exploring the world they live in. That is the message behind the establishment of the brand; it is meant to be a symbol of being always on the move and showcasing your culture to the world. 

The regional style-set have already adopted the Nomad lifestyle, and the designer’s unique concept surely makes an impact on people who wear it.  The neutral palettes and understated elegance will appeal to those, who haven’t left their campus chic days far behind.

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