The Invincible Nathalie Trad

Born in Beirut and raised in Dubai, Nathalie Trad developed a strong sense of penchant asymmetric designs which today forms the basis of her brand of clutches and handbags- whilst earning a BA from Paris’ Esmod International. She spent her time mostly in two fashion capitals i.e., New York and Paris- where she gained the expertise through degrees and the quest to re-examine the foundations of traditional accessory design.

The range included spanning leather handbags, shell clutches and necklaces which were punctuated by chiseled contours, geometric structures and sharp contrasts in color, texture and pattern.  Earth tones and sinuous lines pervade Nathalie Trad’s debut collection of handbags and accessories. The designs draw heavily from nature’s complex forms and the ever-unfolding possibilities within it.

More specifically, the cutting-edge pieces are a result of a creative outpouring triggered by Albertus Seba’s book of illustrations and Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. A line of unique and dramatic statement pieces that caters to the modern woman of today. The bags and clutches are formed by using such solid materials such as mother of pearl, stainless steel and hammered copper, this range exhibits striking geometry with accomplished grace.

Nathalie Trad bags bring together art and function with extraordinary ability. Featuring uncluttered, impeccable designs, freshened art deco lines and opulent settings, this range delivers statement style.

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