Interview with Ylova Hamdan, PR specialist at Paris Gallery

Ylova Hamdan is a Public Relations specialist for Paris Gallery. In this interview, you will learn all her secrets, from her work routine to her favourite fragrances and must haves.

-What does your working day look like?

The most exciting part about my job as a PR professional is that it’s never really constant, however in terms of a typical work day, it’s something like this: I try my best to wake up bright and early after a good night’s sleep for some quiet time reading and reflecting while indulging in a good ol’ cup o’ joe to get myself ready to face the day with a clear head. At the office, you’ll find me researching, reading and writing. I make sure to carve out time every day to go through blogs, magazines and newspapers to stay up to date and collate essential reports. Emails and phone calls are without a doubt part of a regular day, of course. On other days, it’s a bit more exciting albeit super hectic with photo-shoots, video-shoots, meetings and press events scheduled in.

-What are the latest most interesting products we can find in Paris Gallery?

There have been a couple of wonderful launches in the fragrances and cosmetics department. Paris Gallery is known for introducing consumers to unique and exclusive products across all categories in the region. These products, especially fragrances, in turn, help customers truly express their individuality. On that note, some of the latest fragrance brands include LengLing, Francesca Dell’Oro and The Merchant of Venice (TMOV). Check ‘em out. I guarantee they are interesting and you just might find that scent you’ve been looking for.

LengLing fragrances

-What should every woman have with her from Paris Gallery?

A trustworthy timepiece, an everyday neutral stylish handbag, a pair of sunnies, a signature perfume(s) and last but definitely not least, a moisturizer with SPF! With a vast collection of all the above in store, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Eisenberg moisturiser

Classic Ray-Ban’s

Classic black leather Escada handbag

Classic brown leather Jacky & Celine handbag

-What is your favourite perfume? 

Skip! Seriously, can I skip this question because if I just name one, it would be a lie! I love experimenting with fragrances. I love how a scent can alter my mood or evoke certain memories. This sensory aspect of perfumes is so interesting, don’t you think? My fragrance wardrobe has evolved over the years along with my personality and maturity. At this point in my life, I am drawn to fragrances dominated by white florals (jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, orange blossom, etc.) Currently, my go-to scents are Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad, Francesca Dell’Oro’s Fleurdenya and The Merchant of Venice’s Suave Petals. Yep, clearly, I am a girl that’s been won over by niche fragrances. It’s a good thing that Paris Gallery stocks plenty of them.  When it comes to commercial perfumes, I really like Roberto Cavalli’s Paradiso & Paradiso Assoluto. More white flower power! No surprise there.

Kilian’s Good girl gone bad


Roberto Cavalli: Paradiso assoluto.                        Roberto Cavalli: Paradiso

-Which make up products do you use?

My makeup routine is pretty simple, however, I do enjoy experimenting with the latest launches especially when it comes to lipsticks. I love layering lipsticks for great new shades. Okay. So, back to your question – the makeup products that I currently use almost daily are Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Liquid Foundation, Nebu Milano’s Titanium Baked Blush, YSL’s Babydoll Kiss & Blush and Clinique’s High Impact Mascara.

Giorgio Armani: Luminous silk liquid foundation

Nebu Milano: Titanium baked blush

YSL: Babydoll Kiss & Blush


Clinique: High Impact Mascara

-What are the main preferences of the buyers? (some best buy items) 

I have to say, the niche fragrances category tops the best-buys list at Paris Gallery.

-What are your favourite places in Dubai?

I’ve been in Dubai for over 19 years and I’ve seen this beautiful city grow into the marvelous spectacle it is now. Truly so glad to be able to call this city my home. That being said, there are way too many places to list. So, to keep it short, JBR is a great place to be throughout the week. The beach, outdoor gym, walking tracks, cinema, strip mall, almost endless eateries and chic boutiques – YESSS! Come to think of it, a long time ago I was actually involved in the delivery of the project to residents and to see it come so far as one of the most popular spots in town is really something.

-Where do you prefer to spend weekends?

Oh the weekends – why do they always have to be so short? I try to make the most of it by spending quality time with loved ones. So, I’ll either be visiting my family, catching up with friends over coffee or at the movies. If I decide to take the time for myself, I’ll either be reading, lounging by the pool or both, or in the kitchen mastering my cooking skills because cooking on the fly is cool and I don’t always have all the ingredients and/or tools required by recipes.

-What was your latest big purchase?

An apartment in Al Furjan. Feels good having a place of my own in a city that I love to call home.

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