5 new summer fragrances at Beautique

Dubai, July 2017. As temperatures rise in the region and with summer approaching fast, it’s the perfect time to keep cool and refresh yourselves with one of our five new and unique summer fragrances, designed by master perfumers available at Beautique.

When it comes to fragrance, seasonality is an important factor that tends to be forgotten. One should choose lighter notes such as citrus notes (mandarin, lemon, lime, etc) with woody bases like sandalwood, blond woods, or grassy bases like petit grain for example. The following five niche perfumers have each developed their own version of a lasting and luxurious summer fragrance.


Army of Lovers by Laurent Mazzone

ARMY OF LOVERS is part of The Intimacy Collection, which is a stronger, more expensive range within the LM Parfums line centered around pure parfums with more luxurious ingredients. Laurent Mazzone spent two years working on Army of Lovers which was named after the Swedish. ARMY OF LOVERS is musk Cyprus based, very much a «skin» perfume which mixes the strong notes of coriander, oak moss and patchouli. ARMY OF LOVERS plays with paradox and epochs, worn equally by men and women, it’s for those who refuse to be stereotyped. Sensual and earthy, it is a perfume of our times which retains a spicy-Cyprus legacy of the classics.


Pure Eve by The Different Company

PURE EVE is born from a simple idea: create an unpretentious and comfortable perfume, fresh and luxurious, a perfume as soft and elegant as a Seersucker shirt or a little black dress. For her or for him, a purely sensual luxury to wear every day. Céline Ellena used the best quality of Musk which reminds us the sensation of silk mixed with cotton on our skin, structured by Cedar wood and softened by the Calisson. The Calisson is a specific candy created in Aix en Provence, in the south east of France. It has a unique combination of a thin slice of crystallized Melon and Almond melted together with an Orange blossom flavor on top of unleavened bread. More specifically, PURE EVE is a pure and sensual scent skin sensation. Fresh notes without citrus fruit, thank to aldehydes. A sweet almond sensation without the bitterness, a fresh woody-musky base note, and very qualitative White Musk.



No 8 Apero by Lengling

APERO whisks us away on a blissful journey south to enjoy the magical evening mood with a glass of delicious cuvée with all our senses. Elegant Chardonnay, sparkling citrus notes and mimosa give this sumptuous fragrance its radiant signature. This is combined with the finest balance with the heat of the night. APERO has lime and petit grain note, as well as Tonka bean, heliotrope and cashmeran.



Rosa Moceniga by The Merchant of Venice

‘ROSA MOCENIGA is a Chinese rose from the 18th Century. This highly perfumed rose can be recognised by its characteristic pink petal colour tone, evolving with light as it blossoms. Its arrival in Europe dates back to the Napoleonic Era when Josephine Bonaparte shared the Chinese rose with Lucietta Mocenigo, wife to the Count Alvise Mocenigo. Lucietta instantly fell in love with the species and decided to grow a full garden in Alvisopoli, where it has been growing for over 200 years. The rose is today extremely difficult to find – but the story lasted. ROSA MOCENIGA is an Eau de parfum with rose, blackcurrant leaf, lemon top notes. Heart notes are made of rose absolute, magnolia and lotus flower. Base notes are vanilla, musk, cedar and amber.


Hystera by Gabriella Chieffo

A meditation on gestation and birth, HYSTERA (Greek for “womb”) plays out as the blossoming of life itself, a woody aromatic fragrance that begins with a spark of intense green and expands out into a fully-rounded, truly alive composition.  HYSTERA opens fresh, green and aromatic, with clary sage making up the primary note of a green accord that also includes bitter, rind-y bergamot that tickles the nose and draws you further in. As HYSTERA dries, a fresh, wet, earthy patchouli emerges, made sweeter by vanilla and rich labdanum, and then ultimately rounded out by a woody, full-bodied drydown that lasts for hours. We picture a majestic tree springing forth from the tiniest of saplings, but no matter how you view it, HYSTERA is the kind of rich, resinous fragrance that will leave its mark on you.


Don’t waste time and get your new summer fragrance. All these perfumes are available at Beautique in Dubai Festival City Mall.

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