Devon Leigh Jewellery

What do Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, Minnie Driver, Issa Rae, Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Simpson, Serena Williams, Britney Spears, Julianna Margulis, Oprah, and Joey King all have in common? – their love for Devon Leigh Jewelry, the Jewellery brand for strong, fierce and adventurous women.
Rooted with ancient cultural influences, Devon Leigh Jewelry combines luxurious hand painted metals with stunning semi-precious stones to create unique and vibrant accessory pieces that are literally works of art. Each piece is individually hand crafted by Leigh and her team in her downtown Los Angeles warehouse using only the finest materials and repurposed antique jewelry. The result? Every woman who wears her designs becomes a show-stopper wherever they go.   Already a winner of the Dallas Fashion Award, Rising Star Award nominee and worn among celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, Minnie Driver, Jessica Simpson and Priyanka Chopra, Devon Leigh proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion accessory world.    
What started as a homemade piece of jewelry for a red carpet quickly grew into a full-time efficacious business with a masterpiece of a collection sold at Neiman Marcus and online at  for the fierce, confident, and discerning woman who knows what she wants. Leigh’s jewelry is about evolution; her evolution as a woman, as a wife and mother and as a designer. 
The pieces in many ways reflect aspects of her character, a balance of adventurous and refined, as well as the personal relationships she’s amassed along the way – “I’ve built my business on one-on-one relationships with my clients,” says Devon Leigh, “This accessibility is very important to me.”
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Leigh received her BA in film and screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University, with the intention of going into the film industry. She knew she was on to something when devotees on her film sets began purchasing pieces right off her neck. Leigh’s modern sensibility and unique edgy designs continue to evolve with new inspiration reflecting the current fashion landscape and her own innate vision.
Hand-crafted in America, Devon Leigh is the new summer must-have. If you want to look like all the celebreties than don’t wast any more time and treat yourselves with a cool new accessory, you know you never have enough.

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