Beau-Rivage Geneva’s concierge team to support students and their families, for the start of the new academic year

Founded in 1865 by Jean-Jacques Mayer, Beau-Rivage has remained in the hands of the same family over five generations. Faithful to its founding philosophy, the family perpetuates the Beau-Rivage spirit with great passion in reverence to the grandeur that has been shaped over time by distinguished guests and eminent visitors. Along the coveted promenade of the shores of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Geneva: close to the business district; five minutes from the Old Town with its famous cobbled streets and museums; and within ten minutes drive from the airport and international organizations. Since its opening, Beau-Rivage has cultivated an authentic art de vivre (lifestyle), and today it vaunts 80 splendid rooms and 15 magnificent suites, each of which are a real discovery. For over 150 years, the hotel and its sublime treasures offer every visitor the unique privilege of beauty and refinement.

Beau-Rivage Geneva has seen a significant rise in education guests staying with the hotel, and as such has charged its concierges with ensuring that new students and their families get all the information they need on the opportunities available to them in city. With a rise in exchange programmes between universities in Geneva and Arab students, it is forecasted that enrolment rates in higher education will increase by 50% over the next ten years. Parents whose children enrol in Genevan universities are facing a long summer of planning ahead for their accommodations while their children settle into their new colleges. There is no better place to host gulf families than the oldest hotel in Geneva, Beau-Rivage.

With over a century in hospitality expertise, its prime location in the city centre, and proximity from various renowned universities, Beau-Rivage is the ideal place for families to stay while their young adults are settling in their new social roles as university students.

Families send their children to Switzerland for its excellent system of strong cooperation between the academic world and the private sector. The country is a pioneer of the dual education system – combining vocation with education and has a reputation for attracting talent. According to figures from the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, the UAE has seen an increase in higher education enrolments of 48.6 per cent between 2008 and 2014, a growing number of students have been looking to compete and to excel worldwide, and not just among Arabs only anymore. With a rise in exchange programmes between universities in Geneva and Arab students. Parents whose children will enrol in Genevan universities will sure enjoy the stay at Beau-Rivage hotel for its proximity to the top universes in the city.

Other Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are sending an increasing number of students abroad for higher education through government scholarship. In 2012, the Kuwaiti government announced a plan to send 4,500 of its nationals abroad for 2013/14 through scholarship programmes administered by Kuwait University and the Ministry of Higher Education. The International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) reports Saudi Arabia was the world’s fifth largest country of origin for those studying abroad – accounting for 62,500 students abroad respectively. Moreover, ICEF’s last report in 2014 states that UNESCO Institute for Statistics show the UAE sends about 8,500 students abroad for tertiary-level study, and it hosts over 54,000 in return.

University of Geneva, Geneva Business School, Geneva University of Art and Design, IFM University, and Geneva School of Diplomacy are a few of the universities that are only minutes away from Beau-Rivage Hotel. Guests at the hotel will not only be close to their children as they settle them in, but will enjoy dazzling views from their rooms overlooking Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc.

Boasting connecting duplex apartments with enough room to keep the whole family comfortable, Beau-Rivage welcomes Gulf families with bespoke services and readily available features such as halal food, shisha on the terrace, and guest rooms with Quran and Qibla indicator, as well as the comprehensive advice offered by Beau-Rivage’s concierge team. Featuring separate dining areas and lake and town views, these top-floor accommodations are the ultimate home away from home for the discerning family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Guests at Beau-Rivage now have the chance to “bank their youth” with SpectraMed’s personalised bio-molecular formula. This innovative service can be performed on the spot in the hotel. The personalised formula is then banked up to 20 years, during which time it will be preserved. More than a cosmetic, SpectraMed’s formula contains the client’s bio-molecules (among them DNA) taken from the guest’s biological material (saliva). Their specific extraction and formulation process creates a bespoke product that aids in preventing further skin aging, from the time the DNA has been extracted. 

This product, invented, produced and package in Switzerland is a formula from the individual’s purified DNA, safely stored in a personalised box with the client’s name on it. To be used as a part of the customer’s daily beauty routine with any products of the customer’s choice, the serum-like formula helps maintain the skin at the age, at which the product was created; the SpectraMed approach is a non-invasive and more natural option to aggressive “damage to repair” treatments (such as chemical peels for example) and can either complement them (serving as a “skin insurance or replace them based on clients’ desire and needs).  

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