Get Summer Selfie ready with Apa Beauty

The world of cosmetic dentistry and veneers might be slightly overwhelming for some people to get their heads around, but Apa Beauty, Dr. Michael Apa’s luxury collection of oral care products, is something that everyone can and should get on board with.

Those looking to enhance their natural smiles and take oral care to the next level of both refinement and results, will be thrilled to hear that along with the latest in fashion trends, this innovative and ground-breaking beauty line for teeth is now launching on, the new luxury e-shopping destination in the Middle East from the retail stable behind Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, among many other luxury labels in the region.

Apa Beauty has fast transformed the way people think about their smiles with this revolutionary approach to oral care. Founded by prominent cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, Apa Beauty’s unique approach to combines the latest advances and technology in dental research with the quality ingredients and streamlined product design of a luxury beauty brand. Not to mention adding style, substance and sexiness to your bathroom shelf.

“I was incredibly honored when Apa Beauty was added to the unique beauty landscape of both Harvey Nichols Dubai and Bloomingdales Dubai and Kuwait last year, and to add to our regional points of sale with our first online GCC stockist, undoubtedly takes the brand to the next level. The Apa client can now be guaranteed almost immediate delivery, through a luxury portal,” says Dr. Michael Apa, “which is exactly how modern online shopping should be.”

From fashion and beauty to lifestyle and homeware, boasts the widest range of top tier designers, local talents and impeccable service, guaranteeing two hours delivery time from purchase to your doorstep, within Dubai.

Highly effective and suitable for everyday use, Apa Beauty offers a full spectrum of care, finally bridging the gab between oral care and beauty. The range is the perfect combination between powerful ingredients and glamorous tricks.

Apa Beauty Products Available on


Brighten and freshen your smile with this brilliant innovation in lip gloss. Peppermints infused blue crystals naturally reflect light and create the appearance of whiter teeth while the clear gloss provides instant shine.



This gentle scrub derived from sugar and sweet almond seed buffs away dull skin to help reveal smoother, healthier looking lips. The main ingredients are Jojoba oil, shea butter and orange peel to help condition your lips and maintain moisture but also sugar and sweet almond seed to exfoliate.



Why save all the fun for your lips? The multi-tasking formula does more than attract attention. Adapted from the runway, this revolutionary light reflecting gloss brightens and pampers teeth with powerful antioxidants for a beautiful smile. The main ingredients are antioxidant green tea to combats bacteria and bad breathe, jojoba oil to nourishes teeth and gums and peppermint oil to freshen the breath.


APA WHITE DUO – 750aed

“The Apa White Duo is the centerpiece of the line and delivers a one-two punch of professional-strength power. Effective, invisible, extreme whitening” says Dr.Apa.

Renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa introduces the Apa White Duo, the first at-home teeth whitening system that is truly comparable to an in-office professional treatment. The Apa White Duo’s unique two-step process mirrors the high-quality techniques used in professional whitening offices, with no messy trays. A breakthrough combination of White Film and a White Pen work together for professional whitening results in just five days. The White Pen goes to work instantly, and the White Film molds seamlessly to your teeth to lock in the whitening agents and deliver a second round of whitening action. Portable and easy to use, the Apa White Duo is the closest to an in-office whitening treatment available on the market. Set contains 10 White Films and one White Pen.




“I designed the Apa Toothbrush to be both simple and effective, yet aesthetically appealing. The bristles are firm and gentle, administering just enough power to clean, whiten and massage teeth and gums all in one”. Dr Apa



Introducing the first sonic toothbrush you’ll want to display on your vanity. The Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush is elegantly designed with a pure white finish that will not only beautify your vanity, but also your smile. Studies have suggested that electric toothbrushes can be too harsh, so Dr. Apa created the Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush with adjustable vibration modes to prevent enamel abrasion while still delivering a complete clean. To maximize the effectiveness of the Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush, it is indicated to replace your brush heads every 3 months. The Apa Clean Whitening and Soft Bristles can be bought separately.


APA WHITE  KIT in collaboration with Jonathan Adler –

Elevate your daily routine with this trio of smile-strengthening products and a beautiful vanity console created in a special collaboration with world-famous designer Jonathan Adler.

Products that are beautifully designed deserve a beautiful place to be displayed. This exclusive offering created in collaboration with Jonathan Adler includes the products you need to create a stronger, healthier smile and provides the perfect place to display them on your vanity for daily use. Apa White Toothpaste, Apa White Rinse and Apa Pink create the Apa Beauty Daily Foundation Care lineup—when used twice daily, with the aid of the designer display console, their breakthrough formulations help strengthen and brighten your smile, for results you will see.




Rich and creamy, this whitening toothpaste has been developed with Ultrapolish Technology to scrub off stains, as well as Hydroxyapatite to remineralize your teeth. It’s also enriched with Peppermint Oil to leave your mouth feeling refreshed.




A remineralizing oral rinse that freshens breathe while supporting tooth enamel


APA PINK GUM GEL – 120 aed

A nutrient-rich oral gel that nourishes and rejuvenates gums


About Apa Aesthetics

Dr. Apa, owner of The Rosenthal-Apa Group, a private aesthetic dentistry practice in New York City, is one of the latter. Dr. Apa splits his time between New York and Dubai bringing his patients his unique procedures. Known throughout the world as the pioneers of non-invasive cosmetic dentistry, The Rosenthal-Apa Group uses customized porcelain veneers to rejuvenate the smile, creating a more youthful look.  In the same tradition, Dr. Apa is pioneering a new approach to aesthetic dentistry called Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD) that creates perfectly natural smiles that fit the face and enhance the appearance.  Through this FAD approach, Dr. Apa is effectively creating a blueprint for the future of aesthetic dentistry, raising standards and expectations of the best smile attainable.

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