Luxury leather brand, Etienne Heritage

Dino Bertoletti, an Italian engineer, decided he wanted to create an exclusive luxury brand which would also include brand awareness and Italian manufacturing. Etienne Heritage was founded in September 2014. Bertoletti has always been fascinated by the world of luxury and design. He previously worked for a luxury furniture and interior design brand. Working closely with the craftsmen and thanks to his engineering skills, Bertoletti designed the most creative furniture in materials you wouldn’t imagine possible.


                                                                                           Dino Bertoletti


Etienne Heritage aims to create products that combine the tradition of craftsmanship with a constant innovation. The pieces would all be luxurious but in a subtle way. Each piece would be unique and made in a Haute-couture style. Creativity and innovation are important aspects of the brand’s DNA. However, the most important of them all is the quality. Meticulous attention is paid to every single detail. This quality results from the uniqueness of raw materials used and the care of their transformation process. The products’ quality is a guarantee of reliability and durability and conveys confidence to the consumers and a sense of eternity given by the lack of defects. Dino Bertoletti stated: “Recognize the quality of a product, regardless of brand. It’s the real luxury that involves knowledge and passion.” We can sense that Bertoletti is very proud of his brand and that it is on the right path to great success. With unique design, high-quality and fine craftsmanship, Etienne Heritage produces high-end quality products with the best quality for those who love extreme and unique luxury pieces. These garments and accessories are to wear on a special occasion or just to collect as treasures that they will hand over through generations.


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