Sharjah Museum Department – The Unveiling Mystery of Sharjahs Past

Discover the Sharjah Archaeology Museum to visualize how Sharjah’s unknown aspect of ancient history has been discovered. There is a yearlong exhibition in the Museum, which will go on until May 9th, 2018. This exhibition will help the visitors understand how the archaeologists uncovered the captivating artifacts as well as the Sharjah’s techniques and trading method.



The exhibition reveals the stories of historical sites including Mleiha, Sharjah’s iconic ancient settlement. Archaeologists are continuing to find aspects of civilizations that are ancient. Culture, trade practices, rituals, and influence on pottery design, art, and jewelry are exhibited. Manal Ataya, Director General of Sharjah Museums Department, said: “We are delighted to open the Sharjah Archaeologists Exhibition and draw attention to a profession that has done so much to piece together Sharjah’s ancient history”. The UAE’s ancient history wasn’t distinguished until about 50 years ago. The evidence found is astonishing as human activities were indicated from 125,000 years ago.



The exhibition is dedicated to actual finds made in Sharjah. These include a Roman glass molded bowl that originated in Dibba in 100AD and a number of gold beads that were dated back to Mleiha in the same period. If you are interested in discovering ancient history and learning how people used to live so many years ago, then don’t wait any longer and start planning your journey to this incredible museum.

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