Rev Away the Vacay Gain at DEFINE

With the end of the festive summer season swiftly approaching, the team at DEFINE body & mind have compiled a few tips to help cycle away the vacay haze. These four healthy practices will assist with transitioning back into the bustling Dubai hustle.

1. Turn up the knob

At the end of the day, indoor cycling workouts are more about mental strength than physical endurance. Don’t be afraid to turn the knob up on that bike and push past perceived physical limits. This is where the magic happens; exerting enough energy to hit that 600-calorie mark.

2. Sip water regularly

Staying hydrated is the easiest change that can be made to enhance peak performance. Both focus and intensity increase during workouts when the body is properly hydrated. For both early morning and post-work spin session, staying hydrated throughout the day is important!






3. Balance your snacks

Eat a light snack two to three hours before any spin session. Something with an equal protein to carbs ratio is ideal. Try a banana with peanut butter, some nuts with an apple, or carrot sticks with hummus. For those who prefer to spin as soon as they wake up, it is essential to consume a high protein meal within 30 minutes of

finishing your workout. This will help to repair and rebuild muscles while providing the body with necessary nutrients and energy for the day ahead.





4. Get in some more zzzz’s

In the fast-paced world of 24/7 accessibility, unlimited to-do lists and never ending social opportunities, sleep often drops a few notches on the priority list. However, lack of ample sleep can cause increased stress, health issues and related weight gain. During slumber our bodies (and muscles) repair and rejuvenate, making rev workouts exponentially more beneficial.

Want to get even more out of those indoor cycling sessions? At DEFINE rev classes provide all of the cardiovascular benefits of a sweat-dripping workout, in addition to strength and muscle building, through the incorporation of resistance, isometric movements, and upper body weight movements!

It is also important to remember that balance is key. Alternating rev sessions with muscle building body classes and lengthening mind classes will go a long way in shedding those post summer pounds.

New to the revolution? Try one of DEFINE’s 30/30/30 classes on August 25th or 29th to get the complete body and mind experience.





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