Light and Sound Show at WAFI is back

A visual and musical journey to Egypt!


Immerse yourself in an amazing convergence of light and sound where the tale of ‘The Return of the Pharaohs’ unfolds. WAFI is back with this spectacular attraction which has been popular with both locals and tourists alike.

This symphony of light and sound is projected across the Pyramids building in the Central Courtyard at WAFI. The state-of-the-art special effect of this unique show provides a stunning blend of history, anecdotes and music. The show will run every evening at 8 pm and 9.30pm starting 1st October 2017 where the outdoor ambience creates an exhilarating experience for viewers.

As a remarkable source of entertainment to visitors, WAFI prides in this unforgettable spectacle synchronised to music that celebrates its culture, spirit and diversity. The show is free for public enjoyment and no admission ticket is required.

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