The Dubai Mall diptyque boutique has a new look to celebrate its 8th anniversary. Soft harmonies and high-end materials help create an intimate mood with a modern spirit—here, diptyque’s unique, very Parisian personality is infused with an Oriental warmth. Its austere lines are tempered with glints of golden bronze.


This Dubai Mall boutique is a preserved space, which reveals its charms as soon as you step inside, and is protected by a bronze mirrored curtain that is inspired by the faceted pillars of the Parisian boutique at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain. It invites each visitor to discover diptyque’s range of skincare products. Encircling this area, the oak floor features a wave of grooves in a golden-toned brass that underscores the boutique’s soothing roundness; the Art Deco mouldings on the ceiling follow along their path.


At the room’s centre, a large gold-encircled convex showcase presents candles and scented objects for the home. At the back is an infinite fan made of coloured tissue paper. Paintings celebrate their multiple harmonies and gift packages are lined up like an invitation. For each product, three dedicated colours are folded together artfully so that each purchase becomes a gift. At the left, the new perfume discovery ritual is presented in front of a screen, an abstract and poetic evocation of the olfactory landscapes that diptyque’s world of fragrances is made of.


Finally, like a chromatic punctuation mark, a nod to the boulevard Saint-Germain boutique’s façade, a monochromatic wine-coloured mural acts as a backdrop for the singular objects in the very exclusive Collection 34.

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