Elabelz.com – Online Fashion Malls in the Middle East

It hasn’t yet been 2 years since Elabelz launched its selection of online fashion items, but with over 30,000 items available for same day or next day delivery across 7 countries in the region, the company is set to take over as the leading online fashion retailer in the region.

Dubai, UAE – Launched in January of 2016, Elabelz, the UAE’s homegrown e-commerce platform has gone from strength-to-strength focusing on mid-scale and luxury fashion for men, women, and children with an extensive portfolio of fashion products and accessories to suit every taste. Dubbed the “Amazon for trendy fashion buyers,” the company now operates across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and most recently Iraq, amongst others.

Elabelz began to build momentum in their first year as customers in the UAE embraced the transition to the online marketplace and the infinitely wider selections e-commerce offers, which saw the company grow from 18 employees to over 170 over the initial 12 months, and continues to expand across various departments that cover operations, sourcing, technology and development, photography and marketing.

Elabelz founder Nooruldeen Agha decided that as an e-commerce company the user experience was the key to the company’s long-term success. Initially this meant acquiring the right team who not only knew their roles intimately, but who also subscribed to Agha’s vision for Elabelz. Once established the Elabelz team refined the customer experience to a point where there are now more than 30,000 products available for same-day or next day delivery on the site and across their mobile applications available on Android and iOS, with 250 new styles added daily.

Challenged with an undeveloped market, in their most recent expansion into Iraq, Elabelz re-engineered the process that was required for the company to continue to provide the same high-quality products and services. This involved building an on-the-ground-operation to consolidate aspects of the business from storage and shipping, to collect-on-delivery services, with the result that Elabelz has become the pioneering e-commerce force in the region. As Forbes reported last year, Elabelz is “the first pioneering player in the uncharted waters of Iraqi e-commerce market. The company is attracting its customers with a wide range of trendy choices, offers and the flexibility of cash on delivery.”

The future of Elabelz is bright as the company is determined to maintain its winning formula, delivering a standard of service that people could only imagine previously, and providing a seamless transition from brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce by utilising rapid and transparent delivery methods.

Agha is confident that the market will keep growing. “It has taken some time for brands and consumers to fully embrace the online shopping concept when it comes to fashion. We saw a major shift in the west over the last number of years, with more and more people preferring the experience. This has forced even the most reluctant and exclusive fashion and luxury brands to build online stores to keep pace with trends, and as it stands online fashion buying has doubled over the past number of years,” he explains, “and estimates suggest it is likely to continue to multiply. It’s an exciting time for Elabelz in that regard, as every day hundreds of new products are added, offering the very best across a range of international brands. We’re very excited about the future and have big plans. Soon we’ll be offering our services beyond the region and adding even more major brands and product lines.”

From identifying a targeted niche in the region, to developing the brand, and expanding internationally, Elabelz has proved that the region is ready to embrace e-commerce and the considerable choice, quality, and convenience it offers.

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