Bayt Al Qindeel, the leading cultural platform offers traditional Islamic design & crafts workshops during Dubai Design Week – 15 – 18 Nov

Bayt Al Qindeel “House of Light” offers traditional Islamic design and crafts workshops during Dubai Design Week – Geometric, Arabesque and individual pattern carving sessions for adults and kids from 15th – 18th November

Dubai, UAE: 12th November 2017: Bayt Al Qindeel, the leading cultural platform committed to enabling greater insight, understanding and respect between different cultures, will be participating at Dubai Design Week from 15th – 18th November.

They will be conducting workshops on Islamic design, where participants will recreate beautiful patterns from different parts of the Islamic world and experience first-hand the art of pattern design, using only the original tools that craftsmen used when they created designs and patters centuries ago; a compass and straight edge. The designs will include “Mamluk” patterns from Egypt/Syria, “Moorish” patterns from Morocco/Spain, and “Persian” patterns from Persia/Central Asia,

The sessions will entail three components and cover Geometric drawing sessions, Arabesque drawing sessions and a Crafts sessions, (group or individual), where participants will have the opportunity to carve their own Islamic design pattern on plaster. The workshops will be held three times a day, from 15th November – 18th November, with two children sessions on Friday and Saturday from 10.30am -12.00noon.

“Sharing cultural knowledge is very important as a tool to bring people closer – it offers insight into tangible elements of culture and how they have shaped the way we live, interact and conduct our lives. It is my hope, that by offering a glimpse into the building blocks of Islamic culture we will be able to foster greater understanding and cross – cultural promotion between the different cultures that make up the UAE,” said Dr. Zeinab S Farah, founder and program curator at Bayt Al Qindeel.

Priced at AED 180 per session for adults and AED 80 per session for children, each session will be led by experts from the field of Islamic Geometric pattern and Islamic Arabesque design and all materials will be provided.

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