55FIFTY7 launches limited collection for the UAE National Day “55FIFTY7 National Day Collection”

55FIFTY7, the unique diamond design studio, announces the launch of its limited collection in line with the UAE National Day, “55FIFTY7 National Day Collection”.

Inspired by the heritage of the UAE, the “55FIFTY7 National Day Collection” reflects the colours of the UAE flag presented through Pearls, black and white Diamonds, and colourful precious gemstones, such as Red Ruby and Green Emerald.  Every piece displays the traditional Emarati jewellery with a modern twist bringing the traditional pieces to life.

Each piece elegantly designed; the “55FIFTY7 National Day Collection” includes;

Vault of Heaven: a pendant studded with diamonds and an intricately-carved mother of pearl set in 18kt white gold with emerald beads and 18kt white gold chains.

Doors To Salvation: a ring with emeralds and diamonds set in 18kt gold with the emerald bezels in 18kt yellow gold polish.

Celebrations: a pair of delicate earrings set in 18kt white gold with stars studded in blue sapphires and with a cabochon emerald drop and a ruby drop.

Star Gaze: a ring with stars studded in diamonds and rubies set in 18kt white gold.

Midnight Beauty: a long necklace with sapphire beads, pearls and diamonds set in 18kt white gold.

Sultana: a necklace with white cultured pearls and diamonds set in 18kt white gold with hanging cabochon emerald drops and an oval emerald.

The “55FIFTY7 National Day Collection” is now available and retailed exclusively at 55FIFTY7 studio at Dubai Design District, d3.