‘Down to the Atom’, UAE’s Science and Technology Development Steady

Dr. Youssry Botros
Dr. Youssry Botros
  • § Globally valued at US$174billion by 2025, the nanotechnology industry is a vital part of UAE’s growth engine
  • § Recently launched UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution details nanotech possibilities

Dubai, 27th November 2017 – Operating at the atomic or molecular level, nanotechnology has multiple application across a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare to construction, public safety to cosmetics, and many others. The versatility of nanotechnology is in the science, which manipulates elements and structures at the atomic or molecular level thereby changing its characteristics, and allowing for its adaptation across many industries.

As part of UAE’s economic diversification and growth plans, the government recently launched a policy document detailing strategies for the adoption of technologies inherent to the fourth industrial revolution. Contained within the ‘UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ are possibilities for the use of nanotechnology in various fields, such as in the healthcare industry, specifically for the delivery of ‘telemedicine’ through the development of cutting-edge wearable and implantable medical technologies.

PanaceaNano Inc., the US-based company pioneering nanotechnology solutions, is well aware of the UAE’s focus on utilizing science and technologies for the country’s development and its people’s prosperity. “Knowing the current and future opportunities in the UAE market, we are keen to bring our expertise and technologies through collaboration and other means in a bid to advance scientific knowledge, its applications, and human life,” explained Dr. Youssry Botros, co-founder and CEO of PanaceaNano.

Dr. Youssry Botros
Dr. Youssry Botros

“Because of the nature of nanotechnology, we cannot have an exhaustive list of its applications. Therefore, it is completely conceivable that nanotechnology will be involved in many if not every aspect of our lives,” continued Dr. Botros. PanaceaNano’s recently made a breakthrough in high-volume production capabilities of the patented Organic Nano Cube (ONC) technology, and the 2016 Nobel-prize winning molecular machines technology developed by the company’s co-founder and CTO, Sir Fraser Stoddart.  Sir Fraser Stoddart, the 2016 Nobel Laureate and PanaceaNano’s CTO is expected to speak at an event hosted by the company on the 4th of December in Dubai, UAE.

Applications for nanotechnology in the healthcare sector are numerous with various studies across the globe detailing its uses in drug delivery, surgery, and in cancer treatment. But, even in non-biological science based industries there are applications for nanotechnology with disruptive nature. For instance, advanced molecular engineering nanotechnologies are promising radical solutions to water desalination, water purification, green energy generation and storage. All of these critical areas are also addressed in PanaceaNano roadmap.

Nanotechnology has also found applications in public safety in the UAE. Used in fighting fires, the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) will work to establish a manufacturing hub for the production of the technology in Dubai. Using specially designed materials with nanotechnology particles that are capable of ‘activating’ over a certain temperature in suppressing electrical fires and others. The UAE will be among one of the first countries to utilize nanotechnology in public safety.

Another unusual application for nanotechnology is in the retail industry, either through wearables such as fitness devices, or clothing, and increasingly across many other domains. “At PanaceaNano Inc., we went one-step further and formulated and developed a line of anti-aging products with our patented ONC technology in combination with Sir Stoddart’s Nobel Prize-winning molecular engineering technology. Because of the ONC technology and proprietary formulations, PanaceaNano anti-aging skin care solutions were scientifically and clinically proven to be 10 times better than comparable skin care products available in the market today,” commented Dr. Botros.

The use of nanotechnology in everyday cosmetics does indeed add weight to the usability of nanotechnology across all facets of life. The company plans to reveal more details about its ONC-based nanotechnology at an event in Dubai on the 4th of December 2017.

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