Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan’s generosity immortalized in National Day Exhibition

  • Marina Mall Abu Dhabi releases full program of National Day activity
  • Program includes a specially commissioned exhibit working alongside Ministry of Foreign Affairs that pays homage to the legacy of the UAE’s father
  • The mall will also put on a spectacular light show as well as a flurry of activity leading up to National Day

Abu Dhabi, 27 November, 2017: Marina Mall Abu Dhabi has announced a week-long line-up to celebrate UAE’s National Day inspired by the special generosity of the nation starting from the 28th November.

As part of the program, Marina Mall, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), has commissioned an exhibit that immortalizes the ‘Generosity of UAE’ in a free-standing gallery located in the middle of the mall.

The free exhibition will be open to the public and channel the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, who instilled a strong humanitarian heritage that extended beyond domestic borders and encouraged charitable cooperation abroad, an example followed by UAE’s current leaders.

The exhibit which bridges 2017’s “Year of Giving” and also leads into 2018’s “Year of Zayed” will showcase UAE’s cultural legacy and the country’s philanthropic projects helping countries around the world, including documenting the actions to eradicate polio and the distribution of wealth to assist developing countries.

In addition to the exhibition, Marina Mall will also offer cultural performances, including live traditional Ayalla dancers who will treat both residents and tourists alike to a cultural showcase that embodies the spirit of UAE’s celebration, performing three times a day on the 2 Dec.

Children, young people and adults will also be treated to a diverse selection of activities, from face painting to a unique introduction into Emirati culture with roaming surprises throughout the mall, including Arabic Coffee, Dates and Luqaimat.

As the sun goes down, the mall will put on a spectacular light show transforming the exterior tent structure that has been a constant feature in Abu Dhabi’s infamous corniche skyline as well as the Marina Eye into the UAE’s national colours for the pleasure of those celebrating along the corniche.

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