Carosi – The Italian Gentleman Bespoke Tailor Reference

The Italian Bespoke Gentleman Elegance

When it comes to Bespoke Tailors in Italy you are going to explore a wide difficult territory where you must pat attention to a series of element such as quality of fabric, style, handcraftmanship,  dedication, culture, passion, trend setting and so on. Therefore choosing you ideal Tailor is not simple job.

In Rome, but also with an international approach “dandy and hot” in Town is one of the most well known and established Bespoke Tailor family “Carosi“.

Bespoke Moda Carosi
Bespoke Moda Carosi

Mr. Roberto Carosi owner of the Bespoke Tailor brand “Carosi Moda” is your ideal advisor when you need to combine the finest elegance with the the modern trend issues uniting the most conservative methodologies and classic heritage with the actual fashion trends letting you feel confortable everyday within all your daily routines or your special ceremony needs.

Carosi’s passion in tailoring story is born in Rome from the passion for fabrics, dresses, tailor-made shirts and the entire men’s clothing universe. During the World War Time, their first shop was in the charming “Largo of Fontanella Borghese”and it was a point of reference for professional leaders such as livings, military uniforms and work clothes.


Bespoke Moda Carosi
Bespoke Moda Carosi

Carosi is your point of reference in tailor made in Rome for those who want to personalize their style of clothing: elegance and care of the detail studied and commensurate with the characteristics of the customers, to guarantee them tailor-made solutions for aesthetics and fit.

Carosi moda recently started to improve its international awareness with its presence within some events supported by International Fashion Network gaining even more international consents.

During one of our discovery journeys we had the pleasure to meet and interview mr. Roberto Carosi who described his love and passion for this elegant and regal hand crafts skill.

Carosi Moda during November featured a special Photo Shoot with the International Dj Michael Mendoza who testify the Great Appeal of the Classic Heritage to the new always hot new generation and Celebrities.

Micheal Mendoza for Carosi Moda
Micheal Mendoza for Carosi Moda

Look at the gallery of pictures of Michael Mendoza produced by Amsterdam Fashion TV styled by Graziella Ferraro.

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