Dubai Based Athlete Sets Sight on BikingMan Ultra-Cycling Record

  • Marcus Smith, founder of Inner Fight GYM, extreme athlete and Volvic brand ambassador aims to become first man to complete BikingMan ultra-cycling race series
  • Self-supported series to comprise of four races across four continents in 2018
  • First race slated to kick-off on February 25th, 2018 in Muscat, Oman

Marcus Smith, founder of Inner Fight GYM, extreme athlete and Volvic brand ambassador is gearing up to be the first man to complete BikingMan’s ultra-cycling race series across four continents in 2018.

Founded in 2015 by Axel Carion and Léticia Perotta, BikingMan is a self-supported ultra-cycling adventure designed to bring together athletes in unfamiliar and uncommon environments. The race focuses on connecting cyclists who desire for adventure and exploring cultures in less-travelled places, with each course averaging to 1,000 kilometers for a four to five day duration.

“The BikingMan series will be a monumental challenge that will assess my physical and mental capabilities all year long,” said Marcus Smith, founder of Inner Fight GYM, extreme athlete and Volvic brand ambassador. “Being a one of a kind self-supported ultra-cycling race format, the series will surely be a real test of endurance and is quite unlike anything I have ever tackled before.”

The first race scheduled to take place from February 25 till March 2, 2018 in Muscat, Oman will see Smith competing with ninety-nine other athletes from across the globe who will be covering a minimum of 200 kilometers a day without any support vehicles carrying their own their own food and supplies.

Supported by Volvic throughout the series, Smith is no stranger to extreme endurance events.In 2015, he competed at the Marathon Des Sables, a five-day, 250 kilometers race across the Sahara desert where he effectively completed the equivalent of six marathon distances over sand, rock and rough terrain.

“Volvic and myself are bound by the same principle of inspiring and helping people to find their inner strength in achieving what they want,” said Smith. “It is great to see the support and encouragement from Volvic as I prepare for one of my toughest challenges yet.”

After Oman, the second race is set to take place in Corsica in April, followed by Peru in July and the last one in Asia.

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