LalaQueen – immortal blue

Are you feeling the blues? For many, it conjures feelings of profound bliss in the Mediterranean, it triggers vibrant flashes of azure Carribean atols, and tranquil images of Bora Bora’s pristine coral reefs… It is therefore no surprise that Blue is in fact a symbol of harmony, balance, peace; certainly, it        is also a symbol of immortal elegance.
From the Renaissance period to contemporary times, artists are fascinated by the colour blue. Paintings from the European medieval or Renaissance period used the striking ultramarine blue in their paintings. The pigment was derived from the exorbitantly expensive semi-precious stone lapis lazuli found only in Argentina.
Egyptians are also said to be the first who obtained from lapis lazuli stone powder this particular colour which they used to decorate Pharaons’ tombs. It was rare, and therefore also became a symbol of wealth. 
Kandinsky believed in the emotional significance of colours and that blue was the most spiritual colour. He believed that the deeper the blue, the more it awakened the human desire for the eternal.

In a quest for eternal elegance, peace and harmony, blue has been purposed throughout various of LaLaQueen’s signature designs, and is a colour close to the heart of LaLaQueen Designer, Sally Sarieddine. As a healer, Sarieddine’s spiritual connection with blue goes beyond just her designs.
Sally’s blue leather elements are naturally hand dyed by skilled artisans in her Beirut atelier, and designed to age with timeless elegance.

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