Claudia Schiffer collaborates with CNN Style 

In celebration of her 30th anniversary in the fashion industry, Claudia Schiffer collaborates with CNN  for an extraordinary guest editorship on the theme of icons.

A global fashion and beauty icon, the supermodel is the most prolific cover girl in history with over 1,000 magazines bearing her image.

In this special curation for CNN Style, Claudia Schiffer explores what it means to be an icon while celebrating some of the people she has worked with throughout her career, from impactful image-makers to designers, including:

Claudia Schiffer on being guest editor of CNN Style:

“As I celebrate 30 years in the industry, the timing seemed perfect to accept the role as guest editor. The subject of icons, given its implied embodiment of cultural zeitgeist and reverence, feels particularly relevant in the context of modern-day celebrity culture, which can be short-lived and fuelled by social media.”

On icons:

You shouldn’t confuse the word icon with fame because fame is instant and could be short-lived. Iconic moments they last and are timeless.”


On supermodels:

“It may seem inconceivable that a supermodel could struggle with insecurity but I did. When I first heard the term supermodel it resonated with me and gave me strength. By transforming into my model persona, by allowing myself to embrace a character on set or on the runway, I was able to live beyond any self-imposed limitations and accomplish much more than I thought I was capable of.”


“Karl Lagerfeld gave me valuable advice when I was starting out. He told me to be myself and trust my instincts, rather than worrying about what other people wanted me to be. It reminds me of the Oscar Wilde quote, ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.’”

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