D5 Executive Gym, A.K.A Dubai’s Best Kept Secret

Nestled within the prestigious Capital Club in DIFC is D5, an Executive Gym referred to by its members as ‘Dubai’s best kept secret’.


D5 has entered the market setting new standards and pushing boundaries within the health and wellbeing industry, offering its clientele of influential ‘movers and shakers’ tailor made, results driven coaching from world renowned individuals.

The collaborative brain child of entrepreneur Jeff Curtis and Head Coach James Heagney, this high end, high quality concept has attracted the industries best from all corners of the globe comprising a collective of incomparable knowledge, expertise and drive under one roof.

“Following years of training myself with only limited success, I was looking for a facility in Dubai that could help me gain long term results, offering more than the cookie cutter approach to fitness.”


“After meeting James, I quickly realized his approach not only motivated but more importantly it educated; with his knowledge and passion surpassing all expectations. It quickly became obvious that bringing in like-minded coaches would mean more people could experience high levels of success mixed within a luxurious and personal space.” – Jeff Curtis, CEO of D5 Executive Gym.


Exclusive to D5 is their creation and use of ‘The 5 Dimensional’ concept that uniquely operates a holistic approach when working with each and every client. Therefore, by exploring and problem solving each of the following areas –  exercise, nutrition, supplementation, restoration and education, D5 are able to fully understand each client’s physiology resulting in bigger results.


‘The 5 Dimensional’ concept was developed by James who later brought it to Dubai where Jeff experienced the benefits as well as amazing results and from this a partnership was formed to enable more people to benefit from this unique and forward-thinking concept.


“I was seeing incredible client results and journeys unfold, my only limitation was the ability to scale. I was a fully booked coach for over 4 years with a long waiting list and therefore the only way to open ‘The 5 Dimensional’ approach up to more people was to turn this into a world class facility with world class coaches.”


“Our aim is to be the leading Personal Training focused facility in the Middle East and I’m confident that both myself and Jeff have achieved this. This journey has only just begun and as we continue to commit to excellence in everything we do, we are driven to over deliver for our clients.” – James Heagney, Founder & Head Coach of D5 Executive Gym.

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