Put a Comb in It!


Let’s be honest, we could all save a lot of arm ache if we groomed our hair with a better brush. According to the pros, variables like bristle density and alignment can whittle even a 100-stroke smoothing ritual down to a shine-sealing, static-reducing few. And that’s just the beginning. Meet the detangling ‘Not Just a Comb’ loved by hair stylists, and beauty-lovers all over. Use this comb in the shower, on the go or to prep your hair and tease out those stubborn knots! ‘Not Just a Comb’ is a detangling sensation, slimline and easy to put in your bag. Oh and yes, they are fun to look at whilst you’re at it!

Available at: Polette Concept Store
Price: AED 90
Long live tangle free hair! 

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