If you’re a Saudi woman, then the answer is today and every day! Always launches #WeAreAGenerationOfFirsts, a campaign to celebrate the incredible first time achievements of Saudi women.


Leading feminine hygiene brand Always has collaborated with three Saudi women who have accomplished things for the first time to celebrate this new generation of Saudi women, a generation driving female empowerment and taking first steps towards achieving their dreams.
In the past year, Saudi women have been granted the right to travel alone, to attend sports events in stadiums, to hold senior government posts, to participate in football tournaments & running clubs, and most importantly, Saudi women now finally have the right to drive. This generation of Saudi women is a generation driving female empowerment, a generation taking first steps, achieving things for the first time, it is a Generation of Firsts. Always wants to pay tribute to this Generation of Firsts, as well as support & share their achievements, showing girls everywhere that everything starts with a first step.


To celebrate this Generation of Firsts, Always collaborated with three Saudi women who have achieved amazing things, and gave them the #WeAreAGenerationOfFirsts platform to share their journeys and inspire young women to follow their dreams.

Dhoha Abdullah became the first Saudi woman head chef in a Riyadh hotel, and now love s the fact that she can share her own special recipes with so many people.

Rayouf Alhumedhi initiated the introduction of the first hijab emoji, after realizing that there was no emoji on her phone that represented her.

Fatima Baatouk wanted to give girls like her the opportunity to be confident while playing sports, and so became the first Saudi woman to open a licensed female gym.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? This is your sign.

You’ve had the confidence to be part of this generation since the day you were born, you started taking steps forward from when you were little, and have never stopped since. Always believes that confidence is within you, and all you have to do to be a first is take a first step towards your dreams.

Be part of the Generation of Firsts and celebrate your achievements no matter how small. Join Fatima Batook, Rayouf Alhumedi & Doha Abdullah, share the tribute video and use the hashtag #WeAreAGenerationOfFirsts to celebrate your achievements and inspire Saudi girls by letting them know that with confidence they can take the first step.


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