Gregg Sedgwick, CEO and Founder, Gallery One

Gregg Sedgwick is the founder and visionary behind the region’s leading cultural retailer, Gallery One. With the support of his talented team, Sedgwick is firmly committed to developing the Middle East’s art and retail sector, with a diversity of projects and a distinctive style in branding that crosses cultures with panache.

Sedgwick began his higher education at Bristol Polytechnic in the United Kingdom, completing a BA in Graphic Design in 1982. A passionate photographer, here Sedgwick focused much of his time developing his traditional photographic darkroom techniques.

Compelled to explore a career in branding and design, Sedgwick ‘parked his photography’ until 2007, and went on to co-found Sedgwick Richardson (SR) London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Although Sedgwick is no longer involved, today Sedgwick Richardson is still the leading independent design and branding consultancy in the Far East. The company is highly regarded for its work with blue-chip clients, particularly in the financial reporting sector.

In 1997 Sedgwick took a further entrepreneurial step and cofounded The Media House (tmh) Dubai. Acting also as Creative Director, Sedgwick grew the business to a position of leadership in the Dubai market and in 2005 sold his shareholding to the Altajir Group.

2005 saw Sedgwick channel his expertise and skills into gsFitch, formerly gs.cs (Gregg Sedgwick Creative Strategy). As Founder and CEO, Sedgwick took the company from a start up in the ‘new’ Dubai Media City to the largest branding and design consultancy in the region, developing some of the region’s best known brands whilst consulting at a senior level with Dubai Government. The majority was then acquired in 2007 by WWP and the company was renamed to gsFitch, and then Fitch on Gregg Sedgwick’s resignation in 2011.

In 2006, and in parallel to his creative career at gsFitch, Sedgwick started retail brand, Gallery One. Today, this is the region’s largest retail gallery group with more than 20 outlets throughout the GCC. Sedgwick is CEO and Founder at Gallery One and divides his time between homes in London and Dubai. The Gallery One group comprises ArtComm; a design, marketing and management office in the Dubai Design District, The Gallery Workshop; the leading art print, framing and production facility in Al Serkal Avenue and retail operations, which comprise own stores, franchise stores and more than 80 third party resellers.

One of Dubai’s best loved ‘home grown’ retail brands, inspired by the retail stores of the world’s greatest galleries and museums, Gallery One features accessible and affordable regional artwork within beautifully packaged products and creative gifts, many of which are inspired by regional pattern, motifs, calligraphy and designs. Driven by the one core philosophical belief, ‘Art in Everything’, the Gallery One stores are rich in regional pattern, calligraphy and iconography. Today, the Company employs more than 100 people and has a strategy of rapid expansion. In 2017, Kasamar (a private equity firm based in Abu Dhabi) invested in the Group in order to accelerate growth.

Gregg Sedgwick is a creative professional with a passion for good design. His interests are focused on the development of design and art based products and the generation of ‘genuinely beautiful products which resonate with cultural relevance’. Today, from his studio at the Dubai Design District and his office in West London, Sedgwick continues to be actively involved in the design and product development processes at Gallery One. Obsessive about design detail, he successfully projects the image of g-1 as an international retailer; ‘by thinking big we act and operate like a much more substantive group – it’s a self-fulfilling philosophy which I’ve always applied to my career’.

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