Dubai-based WSC identifies the trendy area of Hoxton as the new location for the first of its freehold property offering for GCC investors

WorkSpace Commerce (WSC) has added to its impressive roster of London properties, following the recent launch of its location in the up-and-coming area of Hoxton/Shoreditch. Inspired by the Dubai work-life balance mentality, the group marks another forward-thinking initiative within the UK’s ever growing shared office space sector. The growth is not only due to the sector’s popularity, but the investment friendly opportunities within.

WSC has responded to a major demand in the entrepreneurship network for co-working and flexible office spaces. Conceptualised in Dubai, the “Tech-City’s” Areaworks, Hoxton, is WSC’s first fully owned property and the newest addition to its portfolio, with two other successful spaces at The Hale in North London and Fitspace in Shanghai. Hoxton is the creative and innovative hub of London, surrounded by art galleries and just ten minutes away from London’s bustling Canary Wharf. The 11,000 sq ft. of shared office space features an artisan café with gourmet coffee and juices, set against a stylish backdrop.

Panny Lawrence, founder and CEO of WSC, comments, “WorkSpace Commerce is proud to announce the up-and-coming area of Hoxton/Shoreditch as the location for our first fully owned property, which will also form part of our freehold property portfolio. This area of London has so much to offer with its vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit; we are bringing flavours of the work-life balance from Dubai to the UK.   Facilities powered by the WSC brand will include more retail options for members which in turn, increases the value per sq ft. of the property. This means improved sustainability for WSC as an operator and double-digit returns to our investors. Following trends and our predictions, we look to attract investors from our neighbouring countries in the GCC, who find property investment in the UK highly attractive. All in all, we are thrilled to be playing a part in the fastest growing sub-sector of the UK property market with our exciting new property offering.”

Hoxton is the third largest technology start-up cluster in the world, with more than one million people in the tech-city. It comes as no surprise that hundreds of new companies have been established in this area, generating a sense of community, excitement and entrepreneurship. In addition, Google, Amazon and McKinsey & Co. are among the impressive companies that have invested in the area to date.

From entrepreneurs and SMEs, to freelancers and individual professionals, co-working is recognised as the perfect environment for mobile working opportunities. The alternative option has become extremely popular due to its unique selling points, which includes convenient and accessible locations, flexible contracts and affordable rental packages. The latest Global Co-working Survey: The 2018 Co-working Forecast estimated that 1.7 million people will be working in around 19,000 co-working facilities internationally by the end of 2018.

The WSC team have a combined 50 years plus of experience in co-working, property, shared office management, and a track record of building successful start-ups. With its own in-house design and construction team, project managers and a global sales network, WSC is on track to expand to 30 new buildings around the world in the next five to seven years.

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