Quintessence 9 -10 May Dubai

What they offer is rare, niche and exquisitely fragrant. And they’re here to meet you.

When the global greats in niche fragrance creation decide to come together on a bespoke, exquisitely curated platform like Quintessence, a unique show highlight at Beautyworld Middle East, it truly is something special. What makes it even more alluring is the fact that it’s happening in Dubai, because it appeals especially to connoisseurs of finely crafted fragrances. This is where the world’s best ‘noses’ and highly specialised fragrance houses seek to collaborate with like-minded partners such as yourself.

Just one of the many captivating show highlights at Beautyworld Middle East, it presents tremendous value to retailers and distributors of fine fragrance. And considering it’s taking place right here in Dubai, we think it really mustn’t be missed.

Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon Fragrances was launched in 2013. The goal remains the same now as it was then: to make the best possible fragrance, not withstanding the constraints of cost and time. Fragrance oils are blended in Grasse, France, drawing from the finest natural and synthetic ingredients from around the world. They are then macerated, bottled and packaged, all by hand in England.


Jealous Perfumes is synonymous with the ancient heritage and anchored in Arabian local traditions. Scents and perfumes have always mesmerised Abduljaber Al Harethi, since a young age. Whether the scent of bukhoor at home, or the traditional fragrances of oud, musk, jasmine, or amber, they all proudly recall an essential part of his culture, urging him to discover more about this inherited craft. Made of premium ingredients carefully selected from around the world and brought together in France, Jealous Perfumes is the fruit of many years of hard work and dedication aimed at delicately evoking the authenticity of the Arab world.


Nishane is the first and only Istanbul-based niche perfume brand that is exceptionally well known internationally, with an exquisite point of view on artistic perfumery. This can easily be recognised by the uniqueness of the scent creations – a sense of exclusivity derived from a deeply rooted culture. Blending accords from all around the world, considerable importance is given to the elegant tastes of true niche perfume lovers. Nishane believes that people will easily identify the difference that fully reveals Istanbul’s true spirit with its scents.

Dofta Sweden

Drawn from the Scandinavian spirit and inspired by world travels, Dofta creates luxurious and timeless fragrances that are made to last. Dofta products are carefully handmade in Halmstad, Sweden, and they blend, fill and package all their fragranced products by hand. With the highest quality and purest ingredients, raw materials of natural and organic origins are part of all their creations.

The Oriental Parfumerie

The Oriental Parfumerie was established by Jan Wilkens in 2018 to celebrate his passion and love for perfumes. The city of Dubai, Jan’s chosen home, has inspired this collection of oriental perfumes, which utilise traditional and rare ingredients to create heavenly, seductive and mysterious scents with a contemporary twist. The Oriental Parfumerie was created to celebrate luxury perfumery and to share Jan’s unique fragrance experiences, from one perfume lover to another.


At the heart of the company’s philosophy is the 2000-year-old Bavarian-Italian bond, which is characterized by a lively cultural and economic exchange between merchants and monarchs, artists and saints as well as academics and scientists. With its exclusive collection ACQUA DI BAVIERA understands how to capture the unique combination of the Italian lifestyle and Bavarian tradition in a unique world of fragrances and to create a harmonious mix springing from the invisible, sensual tie between the two cultures. All exquisite products are produced exclusively in Germany and Italy.

Quintessence seminars on scent
Don’t miss the seminars being held within the Quintessence forum on exciting topics by perfumers such as Murat Katran and Mert Güzel. While fragrance blogger Avantika Bedi from Tender Loving Nose speaks about How fragrances activate creativity and memories and help us improve our daily lives. Other brands such as Teaology, WHEN, Nishane and Signature Fragrances London will also present seminars on scent at the Quintessence forum.

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