Comptoir 102 to Host Breakfast Talk with a French Author, Speaker and Philanthropist Juliette Dumas

“S h i n e   i n   a l l   a r e a s   o f   y o u r   l i f e”

Learn how to live in a positive state of mind, understand your own strengths and live a happier life!

United Arab Emirates – Comptoir 102 is delighted to be hosting a special Breakfast Talk with the renowned French Author, Speaker and Philanthropist Juliette Dumas on 14th May that is set to leave attendees with a greater self belief and understanding.

Juliette, raised abroad but truly Parisian, will give guests tips to enhance their inner light through a fulfilling program with her talks and workshops.


Juliette offers SHINE Therapy inspired by her state of mind. “It allowed me to better live my life, to resist storms, to overcome obstacles and to tame my fears. Fear can slow you down, block and pollute … but fear does not like the light, even less the inner light that we all have in inside us and the desire to just want to shine,” comment Juliette.


Her book “Feel the Sun one minute a day even if it doesn’t Shine” published in French and soon to be published in English, is a reference in positive state of mind philosophy and in understanding your own strengths, leading to a strong well-being and a happier life.


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