Gate of Heaven – Atasay’s statement piece crafted in luxurious 18K carat gold and precious stones

There’s never too much luster! This unique piece named Gate of Heaven from the Harem Al Sultan collection combines the sophistication and tradition of history with the fashion and modernity of the present in one spectacular necklace.

Meticulous hand-finishing using 18K carat gold and precious stones is what makes this piece the most sought-after! Visit Atasay’s nearest branch and add this exclusive piece of art to your collection and wear it on a glamorous night or for that special day out!


Atasay is the pioneering jewelry brand of Turkey which was the first to issue guarantee for the purity of its gold products, first sold branded gold jewelry, the first exporter of gold products, and currently owns the biggest gold jewelry factory in the Middle East and Europe. Owing to its 81 years of history, it has led the transition of the country’s jewelry business from a traditional craftsmanship into an industry branch.  Atasay has since its foundation adopted the principles of tuning in, staying on the same wavelength, and changing and transforming together with the young, novel and the fashion trends, and it determines the lines of its new collections accordingly. Along with these principles, the company has agreed with Meryem Uzerli, the famous actress with a considerable number of fans across Turkey and the Middle East, to be Atasay’s brand ambassador. Atasay continues growing in local and international markets each year both in terms of the number of its stores and in terms of its total sales, and it has particularly increased its presence in Dubai, where it has raised the number of its stores to 10, as in the rest of the Middle East where the brand is met with a keen interest and liking.

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