Messika Paris presents pieces from the latest High Jewellery set; the Shahrazad collection as part of Arabian Nights collection.


Shahrazad Necklace – Inspired by the courage and determination of Shahrazad, in the Arabian Nights tale, Valerie Messika has designed this plastron necklace with oriental influences. Its hypnotic arrangement of pear and marquise cut diamonds sways with a balanced sensuality. With their characteristically slender form, the 215 marquise-cut diamonds and 151 pear-shaped diamonds are combined with pear-cut diamonds positioned both head-up and head-down. Owing to the use of the knife-edge thread technique, the diamonds appear to levitate alongside one another.


Shahrazad Bracelet & Rings – Valerie Messika has envisioned two pieces worthy of the marriage of princess from the Arabian Nights. This feminine and highly-censual bracelet adorns the lower wrist, upper palm and each individual finger. Each ring is different so as to enhance the originality of this unique piece: a single-row ring, a double-row ring, and a double ring with a drop bead.

Shahrazad Earrings – A pair of asymmetrical earrings reaffirm Messika’s signature sense of liberty. In a chic detail, two small pear-shaped diamonds set as drop-beads are positioned on the upper portion of one earring.

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