As we bask in the summer sunshine, the body reacts, producing increased sweat and sebum that disturb the skin’s natural equilibrium. In turn, the dehydrating effects of climate controlled interiors can leave the complexion dull and in need of hydration. To cater to this skin in flux, AESOP offers formulations to protect, balance, and soothe. Daily protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays is key to sustaining healthy, supple skin. In addition to broad-spectrum protection, AESOP’s SPF formulations deliver hydration and skin-softening nourishment.

Protective Facial Lotion SPF30  –  50ml, AED 195

A lightweight hydrator with anti- oxidants, to provide exceptional broad-spectrum protection against the effects of UVA and UVB Ray.

For best results, pair with Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser, a clarifying formulation that removes surface impurities and offers mild exfoliation from Lactic Acid. Ideal for maintaining immaculately clean skin in polluted urban environments.100ml AED 145, 200ml AED 205


Protective Lip Balm SPF30  –  AED 180

A hydrating balm enhanced with UVA and UVB filters to shield lips from the sun’s damaging rays, while botanical oils soften, hydrate and nourish. Formulated without silicone, paraffin, beeswax or other animal-derived ingredients.


Protective Body Lotion SPF50 – 150ml, AED 135

Broad -spectrum moisturising sunscreen with high SPF50 protection – formulated to provide up to four hours water resistance with a lightweight skin feel and refreshing aroma.


Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel – 150ml, AED 120

An after-sun hydrator enhanced with Aloe Vera and Panthenol to soften and soothe, and extracts of Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Lemon to cool, balance and refresh skin.


Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF15 – 40ml, AED 135

A hydrating SPF15 formulation enhanced with calming botanicals and mineral-based Zinc Oxide, which forms a barrier to reflect sunlight without clogging pores.

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