With the summer heat and summer holidays fast approaching, your skin will need protecting and treating from all the environments travelling and exposure to sun brings. Iconic Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that is perfect for the summer months due to its unique fusion of science and nature.

  1. Rehydration

A soothing solution for both skin damage caused from overexposure to sunlight and excessive dryness due to domestic air conditioning, Bio-Oil replenishes and soothes dehydrated skin. Rich in groundbreaking PurCellin Oil, Bio-Oil’s hydrating properties are instantly absorbed leaving the skin soft and smooth.

  1. Sunburn

Thanks to the soothing properties of Lavender Oil and regenerating properties of Vitamin E, Bio-Oil relieves the dryness and excessive itchiness of sun blisters and improve the appearance of sunburn scars. Say bye to sun blisters and burn scars.

  1. Uneven skin tone and scars

Damaged skin darkens over time due to the extreme strength of UV Rays nevertheless one of the main elements in Bio-Oil, chamomile, helps to calm the inflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to sunlight. Additionally, the ingredients found in the oil assist in correcting and smoothing out the pigmentation issues caused by the sun damage.

  1. Aging Skin

Equipped with Vitamin A and a mixture of six plant oil extracts, Bio-Oil promotes the formation of new collagen and assists in skin renewal, fighting wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, the degradation of skin texture, and many other signs of skin aging caused by the harsh summer sun.

The award-winning Bio-Oil keeps the skin hydrated and supple, with the unique combination of ingredients allowing the skin to feel healthy and rejuvenated. This skincare product is available at all leading pharmacies throughout the UAE, 25ml retails for 24.25AED, 60ml retails for 47.25AED and 125ml for 78.75AED.

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