DJ Peggy Gou tells CNN’s Richard Quest: ‘Berlin upgraded my music’

On this month’s episode of CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder, host Richard Quest explores Berlin – a city of contrasts where subcultures thrive and where the night-time economy dominates the daytime.

Quest sits down with Korean DJ and producer Peggy Gou to learn more about why Berlin is techno capital of the world. Gou showcases It Makes You Forget (Itgehane), which features her singing in Korean, her mother tongue, and teaches Richard Quest how to mix on the decks.

Peggy Gou on what she has learnt since making Berlin her home: 
“I studied in London, but Berlin upgraded me, my taste, my skills. I was taking a lot of lessons here – through working at the record store, I got to know a lot of labels that I didn’t know, a lot of producers I didn’t know. So they upgraded my taste. Berlin made me understand the techno genre. Berlin was the perfect city for me because it’s a music city.”

On why Berlin has a reputation as ‘a music city’:

“From my experience, I think it’s famous because of [nightclub] Berghain. [In Berlin,] the club scene is the most important.”

On what makes Berlin’s techno and house music sound so unique:

“It’s groovy. It has a lot of soul, so when you hear it, you’re like ‘Wow!’”

On her first job after moving to Berlin:

“When I was working at the record store, it wasn’t for money. They would give you a record instead of money. I was always happy to go home afterward like a baby. Like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t wait to go home to listen to it.’ That was one record. I was super excited to go home and listen to it alone.”


‘Quest’s World of Wonder’ is an immersive travel series on CNN International. Hosted by Richard Quest.

Quest’s World of Wonder airs on CNN International on Sunday, 26th August at 1230 BST

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