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An area for constructive discussions and a positive experience for tomorrow

Through its Smart Creation platform for research and communication, launched in September 2015, Première Vision’s aim is to showcase the environmentally-responsible approaches of its exhibitorsand promote a new generation of values that combine creativity, innovation and sustainability. The idea behind this platform was to create new prospects and new competitive advantages that could be used by the entire creative fashion industry, as well as offering real business development opportunities.


An informative, visionary and multimedia space dedicated to information and discussion., where exhibitors, designers, buyers and fashion brands can experience and truly visualize responsible values and innovations in the fashion industry.

In September 2018, the Smart Square is evolving!
With double the surface area, it now occupies 1000 sq. m. and features an expanded offer!

The smart square is structured around 5 main events

Smart Materials
Smart Services
Smart Library
Smart Wardrobe
Smart Talks

Smart Materials: responsible and performant materials

Smart Materials offers an alternative vision of leather:responsible, technical and free of any creative restraints. Convinced that the future of fashion lies in a return to traditional materials, its team commits itself, collection after collection, to demonstrating that there is only one step between raw materials and noble textiles: technology.

Smart Materials aims to prove to the fashion industry that unconventional raw materials, such as cellulose fibre, can provide real added value both aesthetically and environmentally, provided they are treated in the right way.

The company draws on expertise coming from Okinawa to give its raw materials an exclusive technological treatment. For each reference, the R & D department identifies the most suitable production circuits, and uses various technologies to obtain the best results, whether for texture, dyeing, longevity or resistance to washing.

The result? Innovative products such as Microki, a microfiber tsrl2extile washable up to 60°; Denim Leather, an animal skin dyed with the woad plant and which looks exactly like denim, and Jacroki, derived from cellulose and FSC certified. Thanks to the Historia Tinctoria platform, Smart Materials is also able to offer natural plant-based dyes spanning the entire colour spectrum.

All 100% made in Italy.

The Smart Materials collection can be discovered at the Smart Square, Hall 3!

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