Gigi Hadid and Vogue Eyewear take the #ShowYourVogue campaign to new heights with a unique design collaboration: Introducing the Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear Special Collection.

Embracing the perfect synergy between the Vogue Eyewear brand philosophy and her multifaceted personality, Gigi Hadid’s creative vision shapes an exclusive Special Collection that reflects the essence of the #ShowYourVogue campaign: it’s all about attitude.

“Gigi’s amazing personality and fresh attitude perfectly match the #SHOWYOURVOGUE vision, and that’s why Vogue Eyewear chose her to embody its values and push the campaign to the next level,” says Greta Gervasini , Vogue Eyewear Global Marketing Manager. Designed by Gigi, four unique frames offer an exclusive style selection that is sexy, smart, powerful and everything in-between. Playing on the Vogue Eyewear concept of “beauty that goes beyond beauty”,

Gigi channels the provocative, eclectic spirit of the 90’s and the latest trends to reveal her very own V-side. From “model off duty” to catwalk star, statement looks and retro-chic shapes interpret individual beauty from every angle, embodying the expressive confidence of women who wear their personality with pride.

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