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Pop.Art.Studio is a hybrid between an art-studio and an exhibition space that can accomodate small art-events and art-meetings.

Founded in March 2009 by the Siberian’s artist Ludmilla Radchenko, Pop.Art.Studio grows step by step through various professional collaborations, working in different ways such as design, technology, fashion.

Since 2012 the fashion projects obtain more importance in the work of this art-factory: the project ART TO WEAR obtain a great success in the audience passionate in art and fashion. Currently, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services: realization of works in series; works on commission; portraits; customized projects for companies and caspule collection signed by the artist; customization of spaces and design elements; vernissage and artistic events.

Ludmilla Radchenko was born in Omsk, Siberia on 11 November 1978, where in 1999 she graduated in Fashion Design. In the same year she moved to Italy to work as a model, show-girl and actress. In 2009 she chose to pursue her greatest passion: painting. Instinctive and vital, her art drove her toward Pop Realism. Since December 2010 her first catalogue “Power Pop” edited by Skira could be found in Feltrinelli libraries with a critic essay by Fortunato D’Amico.

Ludmilla created a painting for a champion of moto GP Jorge Lorenzo, for F1 world’s champion Sebastian Vettel, for the rock star Jamiroquai.

Far from presenting the object again and again in an hyperbolic and obsessive way as seen in the “classic” pop tradition, Radchenko loads it with social content in open accusation to its exploitation. Radchenko doesn’t limit her interest to canvas but spreads her touch to fashion and design as well.

The “Siberian Soup” FullART by Ludmilla Radchenko started in 2013. In 2018 Mondadori Electa will publish the artist’s first official book, “From Siberia with Pop”, on the occasion of Ludmilla’s 10th year career anniversary.

The concept “ART TO WEAR” is based on reproducing the artworks of Ludmilla Radchenko’s into the prints transposed on fine fabrics such as silk and cashmere, which become multiples of art. The famous foulards are the result of this transformation, registered under the brand “Siberian Soup FullART”.

The fashion declination of Ludmilla’s art was born with the first idea of scarves, by transforming art in something accessible and versatile. Inside Ludmilla’s concept of Pop Realism are found a lot of puns, this idea of “Freeing words” is also visible in her fashion creations, by conceiving new terms such as FoulART coming from foulard + art in order to summarize the conception of a fusion between fashion and art. The new fashion projects, which rise up from Radchenko’s volcanic mind, grow together with their definitions with the consequent mutation of the original meaning of FoulARD becoming FullART, a full conception of art.

Innovative “multiples” of art are the result of the passion of art and fashion, where the subjects of the painting come to life on fine fabrics scarves: to everyone his own piece of wearable art!

Ludmilla Radchenko continues her ten-year artistic research, re-proposing the theme of essences, which now identifies her creativity on the international market scene: in the “Fabrique du Fragrance” series, the artist reworks iconic perfume bottles in her “pop factory”, revealing the personality and the character of those who wear them on their own skin. The consuming object of everyday use is isolated from its context and presented in the artwork, according to the purest tendency of pop art, identified by a word and a colour that characterizes it in its uniqueness. All the artworks are realized in two parts, coupled with a horizontal canvas, a “pantone”, which resembles the main canvas’ colour, emphasizing the stylistic peculiarities thanks to precious inserts and details. Each of the nine perfumes of the series expresses a different personality: adventurer, protagonist, commander.

At the height of her desire to transmit the vulnerability of her feelings, Ludmilla Radchenko leads us through these artworks, to let us discover her fairytale world.

The mind and soul places, where dragons show their not being monsters, their feelings, their giant but never bulky souls. Where the wait for the dreams meets the reality. Thirteen absolutely unique artworks, represent Radchenko’s 360° creativity, while the decoupage and the collage techniques make all of them unrepeatable. A fairytale world able to drag the souls and capture the enchanted eye of the spectator. Dragons are inside us. They spy our souls, trying to overlook them with their size, their disturbing eyes, their fire. The artist tames them in her series “Era del Dragone”. She makes them closer to us in the sweet organized “confusion” of the Pop Art.

How to contact Ludmilla

POP ART STUDIO di Ludmilla Radchenko – Facebook: Siberian Soup Fullart – Instagram: @Ludmillaradchenko – @siberiansoup_fullart – Siberian Soup FullART – –

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