ASMARAÏA: New Fashion Campaign




The ASMARAÏA brand philosophy is an interpretation of traditional and opulent clothing of the East; keeping it respectful, abiding all norms and canons, but presenting it in a more original, modern and unique classy and luxurious look. ASMARAÏA Designs allow women to maintain harmony and peace, the confidence that not one of her movements will bring discomfort, will not expose her body, will not mark too clearly her outline, but on the contrary, will keep it in fabulous silhouette and safety.

Carefully guarding the boundaries of a womanʼs personal space, the elegant silhouettes of ASMARAÏA help her to remain an energetic source of attraction for femininity. Dressed in ASMARAÏAʼs lose, closed, but by no means boring and banal outfits, a woman feels her dignity and virtue, grace and confidence, she gets real pleasure from her beauty, grace, from her true female nature, which only serves herself, without exposure (without exposing yourself).

The external and internal world of the heroine ASMARAÏA are in complete harmony, they do not argue with each other, continuing, complementing and strengthening each other. They are like communicating vessels, inseparable from one another.






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