ADELINE ZILIOX Under the Shell SS19 Collection

A silhouette, like a silent shout 

The unspoken but proud body shakes,  

The body never lies…


After « Back Yard Bird », Adeline Ziliox makes her second Couture Collection. The body as a showcase for our feelings, for our emotions, our soul, and the cloth, showcase itself for this body telling so many stories, lives, hopes, dreams. These clothes, like a carapace or an armor, hide the real ego but reveal its deepness. A warrior woman. This recurrent theme is an everlasting inspiration for the designer. These women who daily fight for their freedom, for their rights, their lives. These women are from the present and the past. Powerful women who shine with their grace, their femininity and fragility. 

The shapes are structured, volume, oversize shoulders, like they carry the entire world.  The graphics design accentuate their own femininity, some technical matter like neoprene who met sometime chiffon or sometime satin. Bolding  mixing whose give to this collection his own style. Always the designer is passionate by motifs she has long worked printed form. This collection is the opportunity to create some motifs through embroidery. Autodidact, she practices intuitively, spontaneous and instinctively. Her embroidery are making in France in his workroom in Strasbourg, like all her collections. All the collection is 100% made in France.




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