Kaiseki Dinner at Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi – Asian Feast at Sontaya

Kaiseki Dinner at Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi

Kaiseki, often dubbed as the world’s finest meal, is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner made up of beautifully plated dishes. Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi becomes the first to bring the sought-after gastronomic experience to the Capital.

The extraordinary dining experience kicks off with a round of starters including edamame and four kinds of sushi: salmon, scallop, hamachi and wagyu. For appetizers, guests can choose between cold options of soft-shell crab salad and maguro ceviche as well as hot varieties like Taraba miso soup and ocean nabe soup. The selection of three main dishes are available ensures there is something for everyone. Dishes include hamachi teriyaki, wagyu rib-eye steak with Buddha-Bar signature sauces, and toothfish miso with quinoa salad and truffle dust. An irresistible green tea chocolate mousse is served as dessert to wrap up the remarkable dinner.

Asian Feast at Sontaya

Sontaya celebrates the best of South-East Asian cuisine this May with an assortment of dishes from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand – all served together as a platter on a banana leaf.

Starters on the ‘Asian Feast’ menu are Sontaya’s signature papaya salad, Malaysian chicken skewers and vegetable spring rolls, all followed by a traditional Vietnamese chicken soup made with egg and tofu. Adding to the tempting variety of dishes are the mains, which include Massaman short ribs curry, wok-fried chicken, stir-fried seafood and wok-fried Singaporean noodles. Completing the journey across South-East Asia is the much-loved dessert – banana fritters wrapped with dates. With plenty of delicacies for two to share, along with Ramadan juices and dates, this is the ideal choice for those looking to add some variety to their iftar.

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