commercial product photography by Mark Colliton London UK

Taking sentimental value to a new dimension, MKS has created an experience for the senses with special edition fragrances, resulting in a series of eau de parfum and scented candles made in small batches in Grasse.

commercial product photography by Mark Colliton London UK

Created in a niche Parisian atelier with a highly experienced nose, MKS has created a symphony of elegant notes from a tasteful range that evolves after a highly selective process.


Holding on to the running jewellery theme, sentiment, each fragrance tells personal stories of H.H. Sheikha Mariam that women from different walks of like relate to: stories of youth, of love, of communication, of generations and of history.

Simply square and bold, each product carries its story within its ultra-simplistic, monochrome and gold packaging, inspired by the heart of MKS, the jewellery.


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