Revel in Cultural Immersion at Nuit des Musées de Lausanne and Pully

Nuit des musées 2018

Spark off your profound love for aesthetics and culture at the 19th edition of Nuit des Musées de Lausanne and Pully. Be ready to encounter multiple selections of workshops, exhibitions, and attractions perfect for people of all ages.


Stimulate your inner creativity and discover a culture of all sorts on the 21st of September. The interactive event initiates the cultural season of the Youth Olympic Games will be happening in 2020. Each museum is tagged along with a sports club representing an Olympic discipline. Around 24 cultural institutions prepared tons of distinctive exhibitions and entertainment. Visitors will never run out of activities to relish and learn from. Manifesting combined educational and sporting culture, take part in the all-night-long event starting at 2:00 pm until 2:00 in the midnight.


Feed your curiosity and identify the glimpse of the happenings in the cultural marathon through a public presentation on the 2nd of September at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts at the new Arts District Platform10 around 6:30 in the evening.


The Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism, Walter Loser said, “Lausanne Museums Night and Pully is a remarkable cultural immersion that reflects the relevance of arts and culture through all the ventures, workshops, and exhibitions. Locals and Tourists can embark on this unforgettable and exceptional journey”.


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