UAE’s children and youth build creative & artistic skills at Sajaya’s virtual workshops

6th edition of Art Forum organized by Sajaya Young Ladies in collaboration with Sharjah Children & Sharjah Youth engages participants with drawing on fabric, digital calligraphy, and more

As part of the sixth edition of its popular ‘Art Forum’, Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah (Sajaya), a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, in collaboration with Sharjah children & Sharjah Youth has concluded a series of virtual workshops for boys and girls aged 7 – 18 , focused on honing their artistic talent and creative prowess.

A total of five workshops were delved into numerous creative worlds ranging from calligraphy to metalworking and more. An opportunity to explore the world of ornament decoration was offered in a workshop titled ‘Mosaic’, while ‘Drawing on Fabrics’, gave attendees an insight into how they can refashion old fabrics through their unique designs.

Sajaya Logo
Sajaya Logo

In another set of workshops, dedicated to calligraphy – one of the world’s most ancient and respected art forms – participants took two unique routes to learning its basics, at the ‘Digital Calligraphy’ and ‘Kufi Calligraphy’ workshops. The session on Kufi introduced these young artists to the technical and scientific nuances of the oldest form of the Arabic script.  

An interesting workshop titled ‘Metals and Copper’, was held to introduce children and youth to the metalworking technique of  chasing and repoussé, used widely in the Islamic arts for centuries. Participants learned about the different techniques of printing on surfaces and 3D shapes and had the opportunity to apply their new knowledge by printing Islamic ornament patterns.

The Art Forum is a special initiative by Sajaya, which features the delivery of short, intensive courses focused on visual and fine arts. The objective of the forum is to enable the completion of a certain number of artworks by its young participants, to be displayed on their digital art exhibition. Through the forum, Sajaya seeks to equip young generations with innovative skills and creativity, as well as life skills of teamwork and communication, to ultimately prepare them for their future as active contributors to national development in various fields.